Video Surveillance

As a leading manufacturer of High-Tech Video Surveillance technics we offer our customers professional products and systems, especially for night operations and long range applications.


Video Cameras

  • Intensified Cameras for extreme low light conditions
  • EMCCD Cameras offer high light sensitivity and long lifetime
  • High-End CCD Cameras, in color, black/white and as Dual-Vision-Solution
  • Full-HD Cameras: With high resolution Zoom- and Pinhole-Lenses


Zoom Lenses

  • Selected Motor Zoom Lenses for day- and night-use
  • Focal length up to 2500 mm
  • Lenses designed for HD applications
  • Anti-Fog-Filter and stabilization



  • Laser Illuminator 810 nm for distances up to 5 km or more
  • Laser Illuminator 960 nm, invisible for the human eye
  • Output power 50 - 1000 mW
  • Adjustable beam divergency can be adapted to Zoom-Lenses


Thermal Cameras

  • High resolution Thermal Cameras with Fix-Focus or Zoom Lenses


Video/Audio Transmission

  • COFDM Video/Audio Transmission; with store & download function, 64 GB onboard flash memory, remote adjustable
  • Video/Audio transmitter from 100 mW to 2 W (repeater up to 10 W), frequency bands between 300 to 2400 MHz
  • COFDM Video/Audio Transmission with IP-entry for Megapixel Cameras, HD-SDI for HD Cameras
  • COFDM Receiver, 2/4-times antenna diversity, with telemetry, TFT or OLED touchscreen
  • High-Speed COFDM TCP/IP Transmission System with up to 19 Mbit/s transmission rate
  • CLOUD/MESH/MIMO system solutions



  • Digital Video-Recorder for mobile or covert operations


Comprehensive Video-Systems

  • EMCCD Camera Systems for long range applications
  • Tactical Day/Night-System operates autonomously or by radio remote control
    - The system is connected to radio sensors and offers immediate visual alarm verification
  • Multisensor Camera - Platforms

    - Daytime-, Nighttime- and Thermal Imaging Vision
    - Optional with Range Finding and GPS Localization

  • Numberplate Recognition System

    - All-In-one System including software and hardware
    - Systems for mobile operations

  • VIP Guard, Control and Command System




Important note

Please note that we only deliver to security agencies and services, authorized organizations and companies and to selected partner companies.
For further information please contact us directly, either by phone on +41 41 710 86 44 or short contact mail - we will call you back.